Miraculous, commonplace grace

img_20170130_132901157This morning, I had the best intentions. I woke up, ready to tackle this Monday. Then, as I contemplated my day, things began to go downhill.

Task #1: Laundry. Due to a septic malfunction last week, my dirty laundry pile, instead of just being the terribly difficult but scaleable Mt. Everest, was instead an all out, mid-eruption Mt. Vesuvius.

Task #2: Breakfast. Well, we have eggs. So that’s what’s for breakfast.

Task #3: Homeschool two over-tired children while wrangling one over-tired preschooler. Needless to say, I did not accomplish all that I had set out for today.

In the midst of working with Little Red, who was putting up a pretty good fight against schoolwork, I realized that I needed a mommy break. As I walked out of the room, I uttered a little prayer. “God help me have grace with them.” I took my break and went back, and we resumed our work. While we are working through the spelling of “think”, Little Man trots into the school room. As I turn toward him, ready to ask him to leave so that we can work, he presents me with a hand-full of daffodils – my favorite. And I had to stop and smile. Commonplace flowers, full of miraculous grace.


Lunch was on the table, little people were happy. Lunchtime conversations are always interesting in our house, and today’s was no different.

“What kind of pet do you want?”

“I want a monkey.”

“They like to throw poop at you.”

Whole table dissolves into laughter.

We hear a knock on the door and look up to see a surprise friend visit. We are now a table full of smiles. We pull up chairs and enjoy chatting while we finish lunch. As the kids go off to play, it’s adult conversation time. As I talk with my friend, I dig into my surprise that came along with the visit, a cupcake from my favorite restaurant piled with a mountain of creamy white icing topped with a raspberry and two blueberries. A commonplace visit from friends, full of miraculous grace.


Today was a rough day for everyone in our house. We were all tired. We all wanted to throw to-do lists out the window. So I relied on the only thing I could think of – grace. I prayed to be able to shower it on my family, but I got so much more than that. The grace was showered on me, more than I ever expected. Or maybe, my eyes were opened to grace that I usually miss. Either way, grace was the air I breathed today. Instead of just answering my prayer of being able to give grace to others, God filled me with grace, and now I can pour grace out of my fullness. What a miraculous, commonplace day.



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